SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure


SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure

Improve your fishing experience! enjoy your fishing time and catch more fish with this realistic fish bait!

Did you know that 74% of fish reacts to REALISTIC BAITS better than to ordinary ones? The latest researches show that in just one hour, fishers catch 85% MORE FISH with SwimmFi® bait than with other fishing lures.

Are you willing to take your fishing to the NEXT LEVEL and make it a little bit more exciting and PRODUCTIVE?


SwimmFi® Characteristics

Then our SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure was a perfect item for you! It has been created with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY and UNBREAKABLE materials which make it suitable for DIFFERENT waters and a lot of different graspers.


This SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure makes a POWERFUL CATCHING TOOL thanks to its premium design, which allows the PERFECT PERFORMANCE in the water. Multiple joints make it FLEXIBLE, providing an IDEAL swimming posture and REALISTIC S-shaped movements. Small steel balls inside the body produce VIVID SOUNDS that, in combination with imitating injured fish movements, attract predator fish.

The bait has high-quality paint finish, BRILLIANTLY replicating colors and patterns of an actual fish. Besides those LUMINOUS BEADS, SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure is equipped with 3D HOLOGRAPHIC EYES which make it look very much alive. That way, it awakens the predator instinct in real fish.

It’s simple to use, and it can take up a lot of weight. All you need to do is connect the bait to the fishing line, and you’re ready to go. The bait is made of high quality and ECO-FRIENDLY materials. HIGH-RESOLUTION body details are placed on ODOR-FREE plastic that assures sharp and flexible swimming and diving actions in various water conditions. Two HIDDEN STEEL HOOKS will make sure that once caught fish can’t escape until you decide to let it go. The hooks are REMOVABLE, which means you can replace them if needed.

SwimmFi® Life-Like Multi-Jointed Fishing Lure can be WIDELY USED to catch bream, bass, pike, salmon, trout, roach, walleye, yellow perch, golden perch, muskie, yellowtail, mackerel, redfin, small tuna, flathead, snapper, trevally, flounder, jewfish, kingfish, hairtail and any freshwater or seawater species. Additionally, the bait’s suitable for lake, pond, river or stream fishing, as well as for ocean boat, rock and beach fishing.


How many times did you miss the catch after investing so much effort? Why would you let it happen again when this fish bait can do wonders for your favorite activity?


Due to the significant interest, delivery could take 7-15 days


Material: ABS plastic body and carbon steel hook
Length: 14cm / 5.51in
Weight: 25g / 0.88oz
Swimming Depth: 30-50cm / 11.81-19.68 inches


Excellent performance, firm and durable design
High-resolution body detail
Holographic and highly detailed paint finish
Balanced rattle system
Premium hooks and 3D eyes

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