E-Float® LED Light Fishing Float with Gravity Sensor

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E-Float® LED Light Fishing Float with Gravity Sensor

Take your night fishing to the next level, with this led fishing float

How many times did you miss the fish just because you had a feeling there’s a catch, therefore chased the fish away by checking the bait? Did you know that this item INCREASES fishing efficacy by 200%?

Our E-Float® LED Light Fishing Float with Gravity Sensor was specially designed for NIGHT FISHING. It’s a perfect fishing ASSISTENT, reacting only to fish bites, so you don’t have to check your bait all the time. Never miss your catch again!

E-Float® LED Light Fishing Float’s main characteristic is the COLOR CHANGE, depending on whether the float’s in the water or if the fish bit it. While floating in the water, the color is GREEN. Once the fish bites it, the color AUTOMATICALLY turns RED, increasing your chances of catching it EFFECTIVELY.

The fishing float’s significant feature is HIGH BRIGHTNESS optical fiber for the light transmission’s OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE. That way, you can be sure you’ll see the color change, no matter how dark it is outside. It is powered by a REPLACEABLE CR425 battery, allowing up to 30 hours of constant use, and 80 hours of regular use.

Furthermore, the float effectively BLOCKS FALSE SIGNALS by eliminating the interference caused by wind and water. In other words, it’s a HIGHLY ACCURATE product that assures the color change is triggered ONLY by the fish bite in the hook.

The float is made of high-quality PVC plastic and EVA rubber that makes it anti-collision, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion. Although made of STRONG and DURABLE materials, it’s very LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE, so you can easily carry it in your bag or backpack.

How to use E-Float and change baterry?

Battery Charger + 2 battery

Float Seat - 50 pcs



Are you looking for a PRACTICAL fishing item that will help you make your night fishing experience BETTER? Search no more, because this is it!


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Material: PVC, EVA Rubber, Fir + Nano
Battery model: CR425 – lasts up to 30 hours continually and 80 hours of regular use
Size: 40.5cm - 15.94''
Total Weight: 2g
Quantity: 1 set include - 1 Fishing float + 2 battery


  • Automatic color change triggered by a fish bite
  • Blocks false signals
  • Long battery lifespan
  • Compact and durable
  • Suitable for various fishing environments

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