Deluxe Interactive Cat Teaser Toy®



Best selling cat product in 2019

Did you know that it's SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that 90% of cats become DEPRESSIVE while home alone too often? The symptoms of depression are aggressiveness, destructive behavior, sleepiness, and gaining weight.

That's why we developed Deluxe Interactive Cat Teaser Toy®. You can leave your cat home alone and be sure it'll be entertained and kept in its best physical and mental shape. It has been VALIDATED by veterinarians worldwide.
Deluxe Interactive Cat Teaser Toy® is a REAL DEAL for your cat!

This toy makes sure that your cat gets enough DAILY ACTIVITY, so it'll love it right away. It's suitable for ALL cat species, sex, and age. It is acknowledged by our satisfied customers, over 2.500 of them worldwide.

Deluxe Interactive Cat Teaser Toy® has been declared the BEST CAT TOY in 2019, which will take a lot of your cat's attention and save it from being overly bored or destructive. It awakens its natural instincts and curiosity and develops its hunting skills.

This toy is IDEAL for individual or group cat activity, and even for the casual game with its owner – that way, it helps mutual emotional BONDING between you and your pet.

This toy is made of HIGH-QUALITY, durable pressed wood RESISTANT to bites and scratches, with precise fine processing and round edges that make sure your cat can play SAFELY, without fear of injuries.

In many cases, castration has such an impact on your cat that it becomes sleepy, lazy, and starts gaining weight. Deluxe Interactive Cat Teaser Toy® is an ideal toy and animation that makes sure even castrated cats stay ACTIVE.

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- Excites natural instincts and curiosity, develops cats hunting skills

- Keeps your cat active and entertained

- Stimulates your cat both mentally & physically

- Helps emotional bonding between the cat and the owner



Material: High-quality pressed wood


  • Large - 5 holes: 36*18*10cm / 14*6.9*3.9 in
  • Small - 3 holes: 24*18*10cm / 9.4*6.9*3.9 in

Animal shape: Dinosaur, Kitty, Panda, Red bird, Blue bear


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