B-Arm® Blaster - increases the volume of your biceps and triceps

B-Arm® Blaster - Sculpts and increases the volume of your biceps and triceps muscles in an incredibly short time

Bring the size and the shape of your muscles to a higher level

Recent medical studies show that:

  • 56% of people are NOT SATISFIED with the size and the shape of their biceps and triceps muscles
  • 60% of people get some kind of injury during STRENUOUS weight lifting
  • only 19% of people succeed in acquiring sufficient volume of their muscles

A study proved that the main culprit for this problem is an INCORRECT way and technique of exercising

Because of that reason and with the help of the latest technology in producing materials, a team of the top fitness and bodybuilding coaches developed this revolutionary product, called B-Arm®. To prove its efficiency, they made an additional study that showed that users of the B-Arm® sculpt and increase the volume of their BICEPS and TRICEPS muscles 4 to 5 TIMES FASTER than those who are not using it. The US Bodybuilding Federation confirms it.

What's the secret of the B-Arm® and why it is so unique and so perfect for you?

The secret lies in its IMMACULATE design and its EXTREME resistance. While exercising the B-Arm® keeps your body and your ELBOWS in a firm and CORRECT position. That way, with each time you perform an exercise, you get the maximum out of your weight lifting. The B-Arm® is ideal for shaping and increasing the volume of your BICEPS and TRICEPS muscles.

It is made out of HIGH-QUALITY, resistant, hard STAINLESS STEEL, resistant to scratching that can the endure highest strains and hardness of exercising. The B-Arm® can't be bent or broken and t it won't bend even during the most strenuous weight lifting.

The B-Arm® has an ADJUSTABLE belt that can secure with sturdy, metal buckles. In the neck part of the belt, there is a pad for the neck that makes the wearing of the belt comfortable and painless, and you can very fast and quickly adjust in the PERFECT position.

On the B-Arm®, there are also elbow pads that decrease the TENSION and the STRESS of the arms while performing different exercises. Elbow pads consist of high-quality soft and comfortable foam.

The B-Arm® is extremely precisely DESIGNED to the latest detail, which makes it 100% SAFE for use, and it fits every body size. Professional bodybuilders and exercisers, beginners, MEN, and WOMEN, can use it.



Why wouldn't you obtain ideal results by exercising? Why not when there is a perfect solution for that!


Due to the significant interest, delivery could take 7-15 days


Material: spring steel with high hardness

Color: black

Package weight: approximately 3.163 pounds

Size: approx. 64 x 8 cm / 25.19" x 3.14" (L x W)

Quantity: 1 pc.



  • Consist of B-Arm® is high-pressure stainless steel, sturdily built.
  • B-Arm® maximizes the effects of your biceps and triceps exercises with maximal stability for your arms and elbows.
  • It has a belt for the neck with a pillow that prevents the slipping and the neck pain and the dense elbow pads additionally secure the comfortability and the stability.
  • The belt is adjustable for fast and easy adjustments.


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